Amargós 10bis, baixos
08002 Barcelona
Spain / Espagne
<M> Urquinaona
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FARAFINA is a long-term project in three parts that combines the following:

1. A commercial and cultural venture based in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), linked to contemporary African design and African culture in general,
2. An African design research center in Bamako (Mali), and
3. An orphanage and a traditional trades training center for the young in Siby (Mali), some 50 km. west of Bamako.


FARAFINA, the African home store, opened its doors in late 2005 on Vigatans Street in Barcelona (see video) and in early 2011 moved to its current location on 10bis Amargós Street, not far from its original location. During these years, FARAFINA has brought items made by African craftsmen with whom it has a direct and fair-trade professional relationship. Thanks to its carefully selected range of furniture and home fixtures representative of the best of contemporary African design, FARAFINA has also served as an informal embassy for Subsaharan Africa in Barcelona. It has become a place for dialogue and a meeting point for both people who love African culture and for those who didn’t know much about it but who were filled with admiration when they discovered the originality and beauty stemming from countries often associated with poverty and conflict. FARAFINA tries hard to improve such limited perceptions of Subsaharan culture and creativity at all levels. In view of this, the store includes a music section, a daily use products section (shea butter, traditional teas, incense), as well as toys and a range of items for children.


Around 2009, FARAFINA started a project in Bamako to build a training hotel on the Niger River. In order to deepen the project’s learning potential, FARAFINA contacted the school of architecture at Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) to see if their students could develop designs for the hotel as part of a projects seminar led by Prof. Zeuler Lima. More recently, the situation in Mali has taken an unexpected turn and the Bamako project has been reconsidered. Right now, we are working on launching an African Design Research Center in collaboration with architects Matteo Ferroni and Beth Galí, as well as Fric and Arnau Horta. Once more, the architecture students at Washington University will lend us a hand in order to translate the functional needs of the center into architectural projects. Their course will start in March 2013.

3. SIBY:

The third project in which FARAFINA is involved takes us to Siby, a small town located about 50 km from Mali’s capital. In Siby we are planning to open an orphanage and traditional trades training center for the young. The town councilors have entrusted a plot of two hectares on which to build the center. All we need to find now is the funding to build it and start the operation. If you would like to help us with a donation, please e-mail us. We really appreciate your support!

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